Sorry, Polly, but your acclaimed 2011 LP is one of the worst albums in my collection, and you should see my early 80s Saxon.

PJ Harvey probably isn’t a big fan of Swindon, but last night the town of magic roundabouts, steam and limited edition Archers beer was the venue for my historic LAST ENGLAND TICK.

A microbrewery tap in Swindon with limited opening hours and electronic display boards.

Yes, and I should have done it a year ago when I literally stayed across the road and the bloke in Hop or Big Hop said I must visit.

I never learn.

But symbolically, the Hop Kettle is a great end to England.

Lovely murky beer, a great and genuine welcome, and the buzz of Wiltshire youth in all its splendour.

The youth of today, they have much to say, and a big price to pay, but they fill me with hope.

Except the one playing non-stop Phil Collins in Black Sheep Coffee in Manchester right now.

Right, 22 left, all in Northern Scotland.

How hard can that be ?

20 thoughts on “LET ENGLAND SHAKE

  1. Let England Shake is a superb album title. Unfortunately, it’s the best thing about the album.

    Good luck with the North of Scotland. The good thing about Scottish pubs is they tend to have regular hours and be open all day.

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