“The Lancaster station pub we all needed”

I have posts on well over 200 pubs, curries, and Duncan knees to bring you before I start a countdown of The Final 22, so let’s get back to mid June.

Back in 1985 I’d attended The Longest Day festival at Milton Keynes Bowl;

Now I find it WASN’T on the longest day anyway and want my £12 back. All I remember is being parched and hoping U2 would end so I could get a bottle of water. Everyone else remembers a deluge.

In 2022 I set off for the Isle of Man on the cheapest train from Sheffield with the maniac plan of taking the overnight ferry from Heysham, on the heroic assumption of some sleep at the terminal.

As BRAPA knows, one has to travel in hope, or all is lost (like his 2019 GBG).

A change at Platform 13 at Manchester, where a man old enough to know better is playing Pet Shop Boys videos (“Being Boring“, Mark) at ear splitting volume. Why is everything so loud these days ?

The plan is to make a lazy journey from Lancaster station towards Heysham port, and AVOID UNECESSARY PUBS since I’ve ticked Lancashire already and don’t do pre-emptives.

Oh dear, who could resist this;

Nice place, but the county town has never impressed me much pubwise, as Shania Twain memorably sang in 1997.

But that’s just changed;

How hadn’t I noticed the construction of Tite & Locke (named after the two (2) Lancaster City centre backs from their 4th place finish in the Northern Premier League in 1976) before ?

It’s gorgeous, and friendly, and offers straight or handle, and spacious, with proper seating.

And had the beers listed in the weirdest way so far.

The Lancaster Blonde, a bellwether pint, is cool and clear (3.5) and frankly the station pub is a better advert for their beers than that industrial estate place. Though that one does have ice cream outside.

The nice barperson stops to offer me a little tour of the place, the soundtrack is clearly aimed at BRAPA, and all it needs is a bit more custom.

If I WAS concerned about pre-emptives (GBG 24, given it only opened this year), this is a cert.

Lacings don’t lie…

6 thoughts on ““The Lancaster station pub we all needed”

  1. I’ve spent many an hour waiting for trains on Platform 13, often half cut after an evening in town.

    I’ve not been to Tite & Locke, but members of the Czech beer Facebook page I belong to rave about the place too.

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  2. Matthew,
    In normal times platform 13 was my arrival platform from the further north at Manchester Piccadilly, no waiting though with the proper pubs only a few minutes walk away.

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  3. On our recent visit the biggest change I noticed in pubs was the playing of videos on phones. Also people doing phone calls on speaker phone. Sharing video loudly within a group seemed much more common that it was four years ago.

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  4. Thanks for clarifying which Pet Shop Boys track it was; I’d have lost sleep over that.

    Incredible that you’ve got just 22 to go. Sincerely hope they are not too terribly far apart and that opening hours don’t conspire against you. Honestly I didn’t realize your quest was so potentially near the end— not sure how long it took Duncan, but surely you’ll have done it about as quickly as it can be done.

    Does my heart good that your final England tick was in Swindon. Andy Partridge would heartily approve I’m sure.😊


  5. I always had Partridge pegged as a drink-as-much-brandy-as-you-can-keep-down-before-going-on-stage type. Can’t imagine him in a pub – except being chucked out by a bouncer before throwing up in the gutter. Don’t get me wrong – I loved xtc before anyone else had heard of them, and I’ve got almost everything they’ve ever released. But he strikes me as being seriously annoying and not the sort of person you want to bump into at the bar of a pub in Swindon.


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