“Torn”, medical complaints and Hi-Vis. A Proper Pub up Hillsborough way in the Golden Hour.

I made a vow to you when I came to Sheffield 16 months ago that I’d visit every pub in Sheffield on foot, a promise I intend to break by sneaking in bus and tram journeys.

But I did walk to the Rose & Crown in Wadsley, in the hills above Hillsborough.

I didn’t actually head out to the edge of Rivelin Valley for a pint. Honest.

But could YOU walk past this pub just after it opened ? Probably Will could, he’s the man of steel, though his nerves will be torn to shreds as Luton enter the play-offs for the promised land next month.

There’s a sign for the Rose & Crown at the foot of the cobbled dead end land, and it seemed to pitch at all of society. Which I like.

Cask from Tim Taylor and local favourites Bradfield, and TWO (2) craft keg taps for Yorkshire’s finest. I must come back with my whippet and have a gallon of Magnet and a greasy chip butty.

It’s 16:29, the Golden Hour, and bokes in Hi-Vis and Old Boys on mobility scooters are parked near the bar, so I take the window seat next to two retirees discussing medical complaints.

What must it be like to be retired ?

Anyway, it’s great. You get Natalie,

and Phil (“Another Day In Paradise“) and TLC (“Waterfalls“) and the bloke in Hi Vis waving his arms in the air and singing “We Are The World“.

It’s why folk come to pubs.

Oh, and the beer, I guess. The barman pulled the Blonde through vigorously and it was a crisp, solid NBSS 3. The two retirees discussing 4th vaccines were on their 2nd pints of Landlord, and I nearly joined them, but then the bants turned to “blocked aortas” and it was time to peg via the loo.

But I suspect I’ll be back. For the Magnet.

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