Every morning when I wake up (hey ! great song !) I take a look at what old posts have been read by some bemused soul in Uzbekistan or Saudi Arabia, hoping I’ll one day get views in Greenland and Lesotho.

And occasionally I’ll re-read one of those old post like this one from Wilburton from the first Lockdown and get wistful and think “Did I really write that ?” and “Where did it all go wrong ?” and wish I’d had more time this summer to think, rather than just tick.

In Alloa (pop. 14,440), I attempted to pause to make sense of a venerable old brewing and glassmaking town, the St Helens of the North.

But I failed, just as I’ve failed with St Helens over 30 years and that’s had two (2) national CAMRA Pubs of the Year.

Arguably, Alloa has the better deal for the many students who come here because St Andrews to too expensive.

For Beer Guidetickers, there’s a kilt shop (top) with made-to-order commemoration “GBG completion” kilts, but I’ve an injunction that prevents me wearing that sort of thing.

The High Street is scarily quiet but has some fine weird sculptures. But then so does Nuneaton.

So, as with Dumbarton where I singularly failed to capture the magic, you’ll have to make do with pictures from a Scottish Spoons.

I’m not sure how long real ale will hold on in JDW once Cask Hero Tim Martin retires to drink Abbot in Exeter, and the Bobbing John only poured one half while I was there. And that was mine.

Two handpumps with Elgoods on, but at £2.10 (£1.60 with beard voucher) I’m sticking to the 80/, which was 75p with outrageous half pint mark-up.

I’d have made a Guest Ale suggestion in the box,

but of course, the Doom Bar is already on, so no need.

The recent JDW sell-off has rather targeted the wet-led Spoons, so Alloa (like Coatbridge) seems vulnerable given the virtual absence of the food trade that pays the electric bills.

But that would be a shame, as this is a cheery place, with a decent if sweet 80/, and lots of life.

And a stand full of red teapots.

At 57, I am easily impressed.

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