Have you up to date with the blog yet ?” said Mrs RM today, implying I’m a skiver.

Well, the Rye post at least closed out a July when I only spent seven (7) nights at home, a situation which from memory may make me a tax exile.

August proved to be even worse/better with what seemed half the month spent north of Hadrian’s Wall which as BRAPA knows marks the point at which legal tender changes from sterling to groats.

Scotland was incomparably beautiful on my trips, the pubs good, the beer quality inconsistent.

Let’s start in Bo’ness, on the south bank of the Firth of Forth, as we shoot through the Last 100.

Actually, let’s start in Borrowstounness, which scores 756 points in Scrabble I believe. I nearly stopped a lady in Borrowstounness to ask where Bo’ness was.

In fairness, it’s Bo’ness on Wiki, which reminds me this is an historic old port and mining town now famed mainly for or Lowland League Bo’ness United (zero seats) whose pies have won awards from visiting Gala Fairydean supporters.

(Pub picture)

What the “Fairies” thought of the beer in the Corbie is unknown.

I love that exterior, and the sign, and the cheery welcome, and the lone unmarked handpump I nearly missed.

But, blimey, this shot makes the pub (mainly a dining room) look “spacious”. Is that level of spacing a Covid hangover ?

I took the Kelburn Pivo out into the giant garden and hoped the sun would resurrect it,

but even a soundtrack of classic Crowded House couldn’t raise it above a 1.5.

“Take it back ! It’s your duty to CAMRA” says at least one of you.

You know, it’s really not my job.

3 thoughts on “BO’NESS SELECTER (for the GBG)

    1. Fair point, Tony. Apart from Spoons, where’s never a quibble, I never fancy standing in a queue to have a conversation where the bemused staff have to call a manager and then being offered an alternative I don’t want as there’s only one real ale on anyway.


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