My bed for the night on the first leg of the August Assault on Alba (?) was in a carpark in the hills high above Dollar. About £105 a night cheaper than anything in town.

Of course Dollar was originally named Sterling, but when officials realised this risked confusion with the similarly named city to the west it was renamed to commemorate the visit of 80s popsters Van Day and Bazar.

Dollar proved a handy place to tick Tillicoultry’s Royal Arms with a tot of Two Hoots and a soundtrack of John Denver and Abba (Andante Andante).

WHY do I never learn not to pick the beer with a handwritten label ?

Tilli, as the kidz call it, was gorgeous (the beer sadly not), but Dollar was even better, a well laid out place resembling a mini Helensburgh.

This first week of August in Scotland’s centre was one of the great weeks, discovering the hidden gems around Loch Lomond and Argyll.

Dollar didn’t have a GBG entry, oddly, but the eponymous Inn was one of the best on the trip.

An upmarket diner packed on a Tuesday night, and not all eating either.

Was there any call for three beers ?

Well, not really, but the Williams from Alloa was a cool and crisp NBSS 3+ and would have scored a 3.5 if I hadn’t had to sit on a high stool at the bar.

If you’ve got this far you’ll want to know whether the Chinese takeaway I traditionally enjoy in my campervan was any good. Reader, it was CLOSED. I bought a houmous wrap from the Co-op. Not the same, is it ?


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