Cornwall’s fortunes haven’t always relied on the production of the nation’s most popular cask beer and shark tourism; well into the late 20th century the area was renowned for its mines.

If Blackpool FC play AFC Penzance in the FA Cup I’m sure Jane will tell you all about Geevor Tin Mines, which would make perfect micro pubs.

The North Inn joins the estimable Star at St Just and that Zennor place as your Guide targets around the Penwith peninsula, and while it’s not quite the destination pub that those two are, it’s further evidence that Cornwall does good allrounders better than the Helly Hansen and pashmina infested dining pubs elsewhere might suggest.

Petanque, pewter jugs, pale beer.

I didn’t see much evidence of cutting-edge micros and craft on my week in Cornwall, just the old local favourites. Mind, in places like Hayle you probably still hear people squeal “Oooh, look. They’ve got Doom Bar !“. Oh, that was me.

Proper seating,

a Proper Job (tasty rather than cool, NBSS 3)

and proper village debate conducted on the bar stools. Big decisions were being made, mainly about whether to stay for a homemade curry (YES).

Lovely place. Bet that real fire comes in handy in December.


  1. I like it when you post about pubs I’ve actually been to as opposed to micros in Rottingdean or somewhere and I LOVE The North Inn. Mrs B and I spent every Christmas in Pendeen for many years and I can assure you that the fire does come in very handy in December. Is Spike the three-legged dog still about?

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      1. Dunno, only been to Rottingdean once, about 40 years ago, long before micros were even thought of. Seem to remember a decent pub there though.


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