Another tick in the Lizard, one of my favourite parts of the South-West, this time in Gunwalloe.

In 2020 I’d caught Lizard Point at its blustery best, bit mid July saw temperatures touching 30 degrees, and the Halzephron trade was all on the benches.

With an hour till teatime the interior was empty, but still had ALL the tables set for dining, and after explaining I just wanted a beer I compounded my crime by exploding a fistful of coins onto the bar towel.

I can see why BRAPA is divided on the merits of Cornwall. Gorgeous villages, decent beer, an expectation you’ll be eating, and most custom acting like they’ve never been in a pub before (see also: North Norfolk).

But outside it was great. A cool rich Porthleven (3.5) enjoyed in a breeze less heatwave

And on the other table a Brummie* who’d moved down to the Lizard telling tourists that the locals were slow to change their ways, as if that were a bad thing.

The only change you really need is a change of the barrel.

* I resisted the urge to ask what bit of Brumingham and compare pub notes, so let’s guess it was Selly Oak, shall we.

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