Back to that glorious summer of 2022 (was still pretty sunny in Sheffield yesterday, mind), with the Campaign to Conquer Cornwall about to reach its crescendo (CCCC).

I have a niece near Helston (denoted by Blue Anchor below), but not wishing to scare them with an unannounced visit I whizzed down to The Lizard for a little bit of what Americans cal ‘lil ol’ England.

Cadgwith is named after its eponymous pub at the bottom of a footpath.

It’s worth coming just for the footpath, which takes you past thatch and tin sheds.

And a giant plant. Hopefully legal.

I can’t imagine living in a pretty house where everyone stares through your window all the time. Obviously folk DO peer through my windows in an attempt to see the only complete 2022 Good Beer Guide in its newly pinked glory, but as you’ll know only Patronised readers can apply to visit the book.

The pub itself has the sort of fontage that people in Preston dream about.

And a job lot of old photos from a rustic coastal pub.

And an exciting beer selection. I’ve forgot what I had, but The Spreadsheet says it was NBSS 3, so I’m guessing Atlantic rather than Doom Bar. Let me know if you have other CCTV evidence.

Right, back up the hill.


  1. Please keep us posted on the progress of the Completed Beer Guide Museum. I’m sure it will also feature the pink Stabilo, walking shoes, and other momentous memorabilia. Need to start planning my trip to Mecca (Sheffield).


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