Cheers, Taff. The end of a legend at the Railway in Newtown

Photo : Powys County Times

I’m not generally sentimental about change, but when Mudgie kindly copied me in on the news that David “Taff” Jones had finally retired from Newtown’s Railway Tavern today my heart sank a little.

I was surprised to see I’d made three trips to the Railway since 2016 alone, so it must be one of my most visited pubs outside my hometown(s).

In 2016 I had the joy of a half hour discussing “life” and pubs with Taff’s late wife Eileen.

Eileen was, I guess, responsible for the quaint appearance of the pub back then,

as when I went back 3 years later Eileen had gone, as had the smutty tat, but Bass had returned (coincidence, I think).

Onto this Summer, during my conquering of mid-Wales, and Taff had largely joined the ranks of the drinkers, so today’s news doesn’t come as a complete shock, though 76 is no age to retire if you ask me.

Three visits, three fantastic pints, three great conversations. No wonder Stafford Mudge loves the pub as much as I do. I do hope Taff will be able to enjoy the Railway for a while longer yet.

5 thoughts on “Cheers, Taff. The end of a legend at the Railway in Newtown

  1. Sentimental is not always bad if you read all definitions of the word. What’s wrong with “ characterized by or showing sentiment or refined feeling.” This loss of a pub and publican is something deeply felt. Great for him, but a loss in other ways. Sentiment in a good way. Neither one of us would tell him not to retire. Change rolls on…

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  2. This must be the place I’ve had the longest time between visits, being in 2002 and 2022.

    Didn’t think I’d been in before when I sauntered in for a pre-train pint this May while spending two weeks in mid-Wales. One look at the far wall decor and where the bar was triggered the memories.

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