Not much photographic evidence of the Railway in Newtown , but with the very best pubs you rarely stop for photos.

I checked in at Newtown’s Gro Guest House, the best of the year. And not just for the teddies.

Yes, a teddy bear fanatic.

21 minutes to the station, 21 minutes till the train, enough to see if the Railway has survived the death of the wonderful landlady.

I doubted it, to be honest.

But I can’t resist a pub with a Carling sign and Old Boy sneaking in.

A younger barmaid greeted me. I looked for Worthy (it wasn’t selling, apparently) and spotted Bass.

I must tell the Truth. This was better Bass than Plymouth.

What happened to the Landlord” I asked, learning of the good lady’s death.

He’s there, drinking” said the bloke next to me who turned out to be a font of pubby Powys knowledge.

Irreverent humour, Old Blokes moaning about tea, beautiful Bass.

I can’t explain, as Townsend wrote and Daltrey sang.

But the Railway is, remarkably, better than an ever, and is probably the best pub you’ve never been to.

But what do I know?


  1. But I thought “I Can’t Explain” was a Blancmange song. 😉
    With all the pubs you’ve been to I suppose this wouldn’t be the first time you’ve heard of a landlady or landlord passing on. For the regulars at the Railway, it must be a sad day indeed, almost like losing a relative. (Indeed, they may have spent more time chatting with the landlady over the years than with their own actual relatives!)

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  2. The Railway Tavern was a disappointment last year but I couldn’t fault it about thirty hours ahead of Martin recently.
    A fresh cask of Bass was being put on as I entered just after 11am opening time and there was “Irreverent humour” a plenty.
    I should really have stayed there all lunchtime instead of going on to Tim’s Black Boy, Monty’s Club, the Elephant and Castle and the Pheasant. ,


    1. On my previous visit in 2017 the Worthington was only ok, the Ludlow was great, the Landlady wonderful.

      I thought the Landlady’s death might have knocked the pub back, but the Landlord was as irreverent as ever (I won’t elaborate), the Worthy gone due to slow sales, and the pub buoyant.

      I’d never lie about Bass quality, this was very good. Not Bath Star, but certainly in my own Top 10.


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