I took the train from Newtown to Machynlleth, officially the slowest journey in the UK.

I could probably have jumped off the train as it trundled past Cemaes, nipped in the Dovey Valley for my half, and hopped back on as it slowed for the bend.

Back in Mach (future blog title) only a month after the Whole Wales Wobble with Duncan, meeting the legendary Stafford Paul who was staying in Borth.

Ooh look, a pub trail
As chosen by good Americans

Paul was already half-way through his pint, obvs.

The Pride’s drinking well” he offered, predictably.

I don’t come to Wales to drink Japanese beer” I replied, equally predictably.

The foam was hanging off the swan neck on the Purple Moose, which made an easy choice.

Well, a month ago I said this was a popular lunch spot with decent beer, but tonight the Elderflower was a spectacular pint in a pub pulling a dozen pints in 20 minutes.

I took no notes, you don’t when the beer is NBSS4.

But I think the braces and Freddo are telling, don’t you?


    1. Missed that.

      Sea Fury has appeared on quite a few guest beer lists, Greene King especially, and I’ve enjoyed it. At 5% it’s a different beer to Doom Bar, quite heavy.

      Doubt it’s got much brand loyalty in the way other stronger beers like Abbot might have.


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