Probably 3 days into the West Wales Wander by now, and a break in Newtown, which I’d call Nice Newtown but it’s naff.

They had free parking for the Jubilee and let me park the campervan in the attractively named “The Gravel” next to McDonalds.

Newtown isn’t a must see, a bit functional like Atherstone or Ashford, I guess. But it does have the original WHS Smith (before they became a “3-for-2” confectionery seller,

and those cute miniature lambs,

but mostly it has The Railway.

3 years ago the Landlord was pressing on after the death of his wife (a gem), but I wondered how time and Covid had affected trade and motivation in this gem of a boozer.

Still (largely) open.

At the bar a new face, no Bass, and the (frankly smutty) tat had gone from the shelves. But the Old Boys were still in situ, the atmosphere vibrant, the beer (Three Tuns Cleric) still local.

And surprisingly good; sweet but cool and crisp (NBSS 3.5).

I don’t remember such a modern soundtrack before, mind.

Another chap came in, seated himself at the bar with a pint of Cleric, and proceeded to ask the barman a series of questions I really wanted to ask myself, before leaving before I did.

Yes, the Landlord is still here and doing fine, thanks; he’s normally the drinking side of the bar though, and yes, the locals are back in force making a trip to the Railway your best bet west of Welshpool.

Which is more than I can say for the Crispy Beef and Singapore Rice from Kwai Chin, which SOUNDED good. Even Baa Baa Toure was taken aback by the mushrooms.

The Welsh do most things right, but the art of Chinese takeaways still eludes them.


  1. Oh, Newtown! Only been there once, had just said to Mrs B “it’s a bit kinda Deliverance here, innit?” when I heard Duelling Banjos. Some bloke had it as his ringtone. We looked at each other and said let’s just get the hell out of here.

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      1. Agreed, some lovely views round there. Didn’t go in the Spoons, went to a pub just down from W H Smith’s and had a horrible pint of something, then the Deliverance thing happened and we did a runner. I suppose there are worse places.
        Never been to Bridgend properly, apart from the infamous Bridgend Civil Service Club Incident, which is too hideous to relate.

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  2. I’ve been to Newtown three or four times, but never on a day or at a time when the Railway was open. Now, with the benefit of your photo of the opening times in (was it June?) 2022, I can return there with confidence.

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