File this post under “for future historical reference only“.

Lovely little Llanidloes (pronounced Lanny-Dee-Lowes, I believe), has 10 pubs for a population of 2,929, which is almost Isle of Man proportions. We stopped for a mid-morning saunter and cheese and sourdough; the cheese is still evident in the campervan a month later.

Like nearly all the border towns (Newtown is an exception), Llanidloes majors in that black and white timber the Americans love because they will never have anything that old at home.

Wiki tells me that the hall was one of a mere 4,501 places where Charles Wesley preached. By coincidence there are 4,501 entries in the GBG. What can it mean ?

Actually, I might tick Welsh Baptist churches when I finish the Guide;

the fonts are an absolute joy.

In sharp contrast to Bwlch-Y-Cibau, Llanidloes is respectful of Her Majesty’s jubilee, too.

It’s a blue rinse enclave in Mid Wales, and the sticker probably says “We love U Boris” in Welsh.

See what entertaining sentences you can make out of the remaining letters.

BRAPA would be good at wordplay. Talking of BRAPA, note the town lock-up still in use for offences such as not ordering the Wye Valley beer in the pubs.

Last time here n 2014 we’d dumped the boys at a holiday camp near Shrewsbury and stayed a night at the Mount, which had just (2003 I guess) stopped serving Bass.

I reckon you’d still get a half-decent pub crawl out of Llanidloes.

OK, not quite Shifnal standard, but the town hasn’t obviously lost pubs of late so there must still be some demand for Butty Bach and Doom Bar.

And I doubt the buildings have been mucked about with too much.

But if you only visit one pub in Llanidloes, it’s got to be the Crown & Anchor, even though Ruby the landlady has recently retired.

Unspoilt by progress.


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