I’m not suggesting the Welsh don’t know their place, but a month ago I was aware some pubs weren’t taking the Jubilee totally seriously

Is that a giant avocado under that crown ?

Luckily for the Stumble, tucked away in the gorgeous hilly bit of Montgomeryshire,

it’s redeemed by its Doom Bar. And a giant pub tickers mascot in that top right hand window.

My only disappointment is that this highly original sign in the Gents isn’t in Welsh.

Is the Stumble trying a bit TOO hard to be quirky?

Nope, I loved it, a pub welcoming the drinker despite being overwhelmed by diners about to enjoy Jubilee classics like Chicken Korma and Gressingham Duck.

And the phone never stopped ringing ! Folk wanting to ask questions about ingredients and puddings and whether they could wear a silly hat.

I stood at the bar and smiled sweetly while the landlord patiently gave reassurance and pulled my Doom Bar.

A lot of Mid Wales GBG pubs are a bit, er, cluttered, and I love them for it.

A top 3 entry for most different charity boxes, eggs for sale, and the obligatory Sooty putting his hand up to ask for a taster.

NO SOOTY ! Tasters are evil !

That Kitchen Roll on handpump looks a bit over-hopped,

so always best to stick to the Doom. “Ooh, Doom Bar” says the gent from Llanfihangel-yng-ngwynfa (used to be a good pub there), especially when it’s as cool and rich as this (NBSS 3.5).

But I know I’m preaching to the converted.

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