Newton and Noss, naughty and nice

The dash to completion of the Guide was exhilarating, but the real joy of the chase has been seeing the best of the UK in summer, including posh Devon places like Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo on the Yealm estuary I didn’t know existed (despite me staring at the names annually in the GBG and the Philip Navigator).

Two villages tumble down the side of a hill to the creek, their GBG pubs fighting for attention.

Obviously you do both, starting with Newton’s Dolphin, which has the two signs saying “Welcome” and nice clear opening hours.

A gaggle of mates are dithering at the door, waiting for “Charlie”, so I naughtily nip in and order a half of Salcombe Gold (cool, rich, 3+) while they debate their choice.

As I leave they’re still trying to read the pump clips.

It’s a pleasant foody pub, but all the action is taking place on the terrace where the Helly Hansen/sunglasses on heads mob are attempting to commandeer boats to take them across to Noss.

I walk the 22 minutes round the creek in 15, though I started to feel the tendons stretch on the climbed the hill/

Blimey, Devon is gorgeous. Why did no-one tell me ?

The Ship is diner dominated and has homebrew (spent ages trying to tell these two apart),

a dry, intriguing NBSS 3. Closing in on a fiver a pint, but worth it for a lengthy debate about the merits of whitebait (none) and a conversation ending “Chance would be a fine thing“.

Would life get better than this ?

16 thoughts on “Newton and Noss, naughty and nice

  1. Love Newton & Noss -had a couple of holidays there in a house opposite the Ship so I know both pubs well -we generally used to cross by the stepping stones -sometimes a close run thing as the tide comes in very fast.I think this is one of my favourite areas of the uk -hope to return some day

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      1. Cross the creek to avoid the long walk round on the road -the window of opportunity is just about long enough for a couple of pints

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  2. The Dolphin was always a Bass stalwart, and I have fond memories of enjoying the most delectable couple of pints, whilst sitting out side and gazing across the creek.

    I noticed a brief referral to its absence in your Mount Batten post, so I wonder why it’s been dropped.


    1. Ah, can see how you might think Bass dropped, I meant my trip didn’t include the Dolphin so I’ve amended wording.

      Bass is still pride of place, though it now has to compete with a lot more beer on handpump, and wasn’t (perhaps in consequence) as good as I remember.


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