Coming into 2022 I knew I’d need a slice of luck as well as Mrs RM’s peerless driving to complete the Guide.

If I’m honest, I expected a fair number of GBG pubs wouldn’t survive last winter, and no doubt tough times lie ahead, but it’s worth noticing that this year has only seen half a dozen or so entries closed.

And in Devon, it was good to see so many pubs thriving after the two years they’ve had.

The Wheel at Wembury didn’t trouble my notes much, just a cheery family dining pub 20 minutes from Plymouth.

But the Jail Ale (3.5) was surviving the rigours of our heatwave,

and on the wall a plea to the brewery (not a Stockport one) to stop unnecessary refurbishment.

It could have been penned in 1992, or last week.

13 thoughts on ““A LETTER TO THE BREWERIES”

      1. It’s from that mystical time pre-Spoons…

        I connect it with The Yetties (folkies from Yetminster, obvs), but the internet suggests the involvement of Fred “oldest swinger in town” Wedlock.

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