Still in an endless July; we spent the night camped in a Park & Ride car park in Plymouth. Don’t let anyone tell you pub ticking isn’t glamorous.

In many ways the Plymouth halt was a disaster; no stop for Bass at the Dolphin and no Chinese takeaway.

But just across from the Barbican lies Mount Batten Point and the Boringdon Arms,

This year it’s in the Guide under “Turnchapel”; next year, maybe Mount Batten or just Greater Plymouth or Clovelly Bay. Tickers love pubs that change their listing annually.

Clovelly Bay has the marina, and a smart looking pub actually called Colvelly Bay with a giant squid that leads you to the sea.

Pubs situated on raised terraces are a rarity in the GBG; I’m sure there’s a corker in Wokingham (and possibly Clifton) but I’m not going back to check.

A symphony in pale, Boringdon Terrace tucks the pub in unobtrusively amongst the houses; I almost walked past it till I noticed the couple of tables outside.

It’s heaving inside, uncomfortably so, and clearly a destination pub for folk bored of Bass. Far too many knobbly knees, too.

So I sit outside and admire the Jail Ale (another 3.5) and a solitary mobility scooter, and start to thing that Plymouth ought to be in My Top 10 pub towns.

My last tick of the night may convince me either way…

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