A night in Aberdeen, or possibly Bridge of Dee, for £35 at Holburn Guest House.

Tonight, you’ll struggle to get a double room anywhere in Scotland for less than £150, but the cheapest Travelodge in Aberdeen is half the price (£45.99) it is anywhere else.

Historically the Granite City was one of the most expensive places to stay, but the oil boom can’t last forever, and Mrs RM noted a change when she did her incomprehensible IT assignment at the Uni 3 years ago.

Hotels were affordable, the cinema was only charging a fiver, and beer and curry was almost reasonably priced.

So what would the three (3) new Guide entries reveal about the state of Aberdeen post-Covid ? Well, Ferryhill House Hotel will be a joy to those who yearn for a Brunning & Price presence in Scotland.

Greeters at the door, all tables set for dining,

a dozen cheery young staff in starched uniform bustling about.

And Landlord, the sure sign of an upmarket Scottish pub.

It was heaving. Full car park, full garden, a sea of Tennent’s.

Not exactly The Grill, but the Corncrake was cool and tasty enough (NBSS 3), and if this is what it takes to bring the youngsters out (most of the custom was under 30) that’s fine.

Most of the custom in Tick No.2 at Number 10‘s cellar bar was (just) under 30, too.

It was like a cocktail party for the local branch of bankers, situated over the road from Handelsbanken;

the GBG actually directs you to “Asset Management Co.”, which seems appropriately.

I suggest Simon does this as his sixth pub of the day, so he can fall down the stairs to the cigar room,

and then enjoy finance conversations from a seat marked “Reserved for Cholmondley from 19:30”.

My notes, some two month later say “I detest it, but admire it. Nothing like this in Cambridge or Sheffield“.

And I did feel out of place amongst folk dressing up, not down, to go out.

But it was cheery, and full of life, with a Stewart Blonde edging toward 3.5 category.

As so often, the GBG gets it right on beer quality.

NB. Extra points if you can work out what this sign in Number 10 is;

I don’t think it’s the bingo numbers.

4 thoughts on “UPMARKET ABERDEEN

  1. For my extra points: that’s the board of trade markets’ commodity prices for wheat.
    There’s not many people trying to answer this question…I think you need to re-think the prizes offered on Retired Martin!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Honestly! If there was a half of Doom Bar at stake as a prize I’d be seeking legal advice. The lengths I went to to find out what those numbers were… 🙂


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