A third new GBG pub in Aberdeen in an hour (and I’ve just remembered there was a fourth so I’ve already lied to you), as I reach the network of bars around Golden Square.

Aberdeen was looking splendid early evening, if a bit quieter than pre-Covid.

Back to the craft trail (I wasn’t collecting stickers, that’s akin to asking for a taster) in the Globe,

a pleasant town pub with (allegedly) the best pub toilets in the city.

I must have missed them; there’s other pleasing features for the sub-30 crowd.

Three beers ? Seemed too many, and the Stewart Ka Pai I’d enjoyed so much in the Borders was a fruity but dull 2.5.

Not that it mattered to Aberdeen’s youngsters, all ignoring the cask and Fierce in favour of Tennent’s. To be fair, in Sheffield it’s all Madri.

Your soundtrack is the Stereophonics and a group of “ladies who Prosecco” swearing impressively; I think the Stereophonics won 4-2 on penalties, but I’d already left for the purity of the Marischal College, one of the greatest buildings in the (true) north.

3 thoughts on “THE GRANITE CITY

  1. Nice pub. Was there last year, can’t remember what beer I had (don’t do notes) but it was definitely better than NBSS 2.5.


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