Onto Aberdeenshire, home to long-distance Blackpool fans and one of my most rabid commentators.

I’m sure Karen and Scott are both thrilled that Aberdeen is now the world centre of craft.

I did three of those that day, just the new GBG ticks, starting in Newtonhill.

A gorgeous dormitory town with a bay full of caves which are all capable of becoming future micropubs.

For now you have a choice of Quoiters Cafe Bar (heaving with young lads and lasses) or the GBG Newton Arms (also heaving, with craft beer tourists).

The side room where you can eat your curry from next door was empty,

the bar was heaving.

Some people had been waiting longer than me for a half of Fierce.

Actually I had the Cromarty Happy Chappy, a superbly cool and rich 3.5 in a happy pub.

What Pub raves about the “classic dark-wood panelled public bar to the front featuring bar counters from the 1950s with intriguing under counter shelves” but I missed all that. Instead I leave you with a joke from the pub Facebook;


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