One night on Man, 5 ticks = 1 chapter of the Guide completed, 6 revisits to old Manx favourites, and 2 pre-emptives. A good 38 hours work.

38,000 steps, too, including a walk back from the Tram Terminus, whose eponymous pub found favour with Baa Baa and a few tourists eschewing the Okells for the lager.

Pubs were ticking over rather than heaving, I thought,

but then I nipped in Jaks. an American style sports bar-cum-diner full of ladies with shopping bags and Old Boys at the bar.

And rare guest beers.

Yes, the first sighting of John Smiths Cask (NBSS 3+) since Preston in 2019.

And folk were drinking it, too. It’s the new Landlord.

So, head to Douglas for your holiday confident that you’ll find BBB, and decent noodles.

I revisited Time Out for another bargain bucket of healthy Chinese food, and wished I’d searched out the Queenies.

20 minutes till check-in, just in time to check out Bottle Monkey, a Douglas venture into craft.

You’ll want to see the prices; pretty good I thought.

The Squawk was superb. Stick it in the Guide.

3 thoughts on “THE PREEMPTIVE MAN

  1. “the first sighting of John Smiths Cask (NBSS 3+) since Preston in 2019”
    – we’ll never get it as good as in the Market Tavern then. .

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