A mid-afternoon return from the Isle of Man, via Liverpool, gave me a morning to be off with the fairies (again).

The walk to Groudle Glen in Onchan takes in the full array of Douglas guest house colours.

Onchan (pop. 9,172) itself is an oddity. Seemingly indistinguishable from Douglas but with a quaint village feel and some quirky shops.

Douglas is oddly lacking in coffee shops, so I saved myself for the Cosmic Coffee Shop where a nice lady gave me a free latte she’d bought for a mate who never turned up. Some mate.

Poached eggs on sourdough were pretty good, but not cosmic.

This is Molly Carooin’s cottage,

and this is a retired church.

A rare appearance from Ecclesiastes 12 on the blog, too. Excellent advice.

The stroll into Groudle Glen is peaceful and gorgeous,

with some excellent retirement homes for fairies the highlights.

Running streams reminded me I needed a comfort break. Ah, this one will do.

A GBG regular, the Manx Arms has dispensed with those silly guest beers and offers a cool, rich, strawy (?) Okells (NBSS 3+) and a refuge for blokes in Hi Vis who are on the blackcurrant temporarily.

Honestly, I’ve yet to find a duff pub, or a duff pint, on Man.


  1. I’ve not been to a duff pub in the Idle on Man. The nearest I got wasn’t the brewpub in Laxey. Nice pub but the (hitherto friendly) pub dog tried to bite me.


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