I didn’t take ANY notes in the Rovers Return but it hardly mattered.

It was 21:33 when Irish Sea Dave and I made the Rovers Return.

21:33 on a Tuesday night in June after the TT races. Most places in the UK the pub would be emptying out; the Rover was filling up.

You know where you stand with the Rover;

It’s not fussy.

I compared it to Stockport’s Old Vic, and will now add Jersey’s Lamplighter as a comparator.

Last time here I questioned whether it was a Top 100 pub, as the Bushy’s was a bit variable.

Couldn’t fault it tonight. I think I couldn’t fault it, and I stayed for an unwise second pint after all, but all I remember was chatting travel and pubs loudly with blokes in hats and metal jackets.

Is that a kilt ?

Anyway, for Dave H, here’s the Rovers room in all its glory.

And here’s the Esso football badge collection from when Huddersfield had more league titles than Chelsea.

Three pubs, over an hour in each. A record of sorts. 34,874 steps wasn’t bad either.

Somehow I remembered not to have a second Chinese takeaway of the night.

7 thoughts on “I didn’t take ANY notes in the Rovers Return but it hardly mattered.

  1. Ooh, I never had those football badges. I do, however still have my full set of Esso FA Cup coins from 1972 in the presentation pack. One with every 4 gallons. Happy days.

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  2. You may recall my dismal burger experience back in 2009 – one of those pub food episodes that remains forever etched on the mind. But I suppose it doesn’t set out to be a food pub…

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    1. Your culinary experiences are folklore, Peter !

      Now you mention it, I can’t recall anyone dining in an Isle of Man pub, bar a good place in Peel, and I wouldn’t expect more than crisps in the Rovers !


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