“Hello fairies”

Two down, three to go on the Isle of Man. I was only staying the one night, but wasn’t keen to hang around just in case Man has adopted the early closure trend.

So I caught the next bus south to Port Erin. I was tempted to name this post Erin Tickovich but I’ll leave that one to BRAPA.

Buses passing the Fairy Bridge just outside make an automatic announcement : “Please observe the Manx tradition by saying “Hello Fairies” as we cross the Fairy Bridge”.

Well, a dozen on the bus; guess who was the ONLY passenger to shout “Hello fairies”.

Yes, me, and whaddayaknow, the fairies rewarded me ,with (SPOILER) three open pubs.

Starting with the Station Hotel in Erin,

the smartest Okells (H & B) place I’ve been in, with some well-dressed continental visitors on the way to the Calf, a French lady saying “NO, just a half” while doing the international sign of the small glass. The Isle of Man isn’t a half pint sort of place.

Looks like four (4) pumps, but CALM DOWN!

Okell’s Bitter, of course.

How do you pronounce o-kulls, anyway ?” I ask the barperson.

We call it oh-kulls” she says, so confidently I believe her.

It’s a typically good (NBSS 3+) Okell’s; you’ll be hard pressed to find a duffer on the island.

It’s a lively, cheery place, with young folk both sides of the bar. Helpful folk, too; a bloke orders Guinness and asks if he can borrow a phone charger, which seems a common request.

The playlist of Bryan Ferry and Carrie Underwood seems entirely in keeping with the place, which ought to be in Epsom.

But the Bitter wouldn’t be under £4 if the Station Hotel was in Epsom, I sense.

7 thoughts on ““Hello fairies”

  1. Been there.
    Went to Port Erin on the steam railway, which, unaccountably, didn’t interest Mrs B. Felt a bit peckish so went to the Co-op and got a cheese and onion pasty. The nice cashier said:
    It’s two for me price of one today!
    It’s OK, I only want one.
    But you can get another one.
    I only want one.
    But you can get another one for nothing!
    Tell you what, you have my free one. My gift to you.
    Ooh, I can’t do that.
    PLEASE will you sell me one cheese and onion pasty!

    She sold it to me, looking at me like I had six heads. I daresay she still thinks of me sometimes.

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      1. Plus it was a stinking hot day so I didn’t have a jacket so it would have had to go in my trousers pocket where it would have disintegrated. As an electrician from Fleetwood once said to me, the only food that improves from being kept in your trousers pocket is Stilton.

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  2. You were lucky the fairies looked after you, I have it on good authority that the bus isn’t going over the actual fairy bridge, which is nearby but not on the main road.

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