16:45. Castletown, Isle of Man. Two final GBG ticks to put Man to bed on my Epic Quest for Guide Completion.

Having said “Hello fairies” I was confident my luck would be in; BRAPA will be off with the fairies on his trip and find himself thwarted as he was a few years back.

Castletown (pop. 3,109) is a gorgeous, historic town, the Rye of Man, and was looking to boost its pub ticking based tourism by adding table tennis tables, a piano and giant deckchairs to Castle Square.

If I was going to fail, it would be at the Union, a wonderful looking boozer whose Facebook page was last updated when David Cameron was Prime Minister, and seemingly had no need for a Tik Tok account.

There was no light shining out (I panicked), but the door was open (I relaxed), and entered to the reassuring blast of MTV ’22.

Bloke with cap at the bar, bloke playing darts, barman reassuringly pronouncing it “Oh-kells”.

It’s all I could have hoped for. And another NBSS 3.5 Bitter. Consistency pays off.

More Okells to finish at The George. The bus had already been round the back of this one so I knew it was open, allowing a relaxed finish.

A relaxing place, casual diners would be arriving in an hour so trade was only ticking over,

which made the quality of the Oh-kells a revelation. Cool, crisp, sherberty (is that a word ?). A palpable 4.

I thought of lingering to re-explore the castle and the beach, but I had to get back to pink in the Book.


  1. Belated congratulations on conquering Man.

    Is “sherberty” a word used in describing beer? It seems like you enjoyed your beer, so you can skip the next bit if you like. I’ve used it many times, but only in writing (or talking – I’m fairly versatile) about beers that I don’t like. I don’t know if it comes from a particular hop, or a particular technique, or perhaps even a fault. All I know is that it doesn’t suit my palate.

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    1. I use “sherberty” to describe a beer with a particular mouthfeel rather than a packet of dib dab tipped in the brew. Next time I come across a sherberty beer I’ll invite you down to sample it, Will.

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