Five ticks in the bag, the Isle of Man complete, I caught the Number 1 from Castletown Co-op back to Douglas, remembering to say “Hello fairies” at Fairy Bridge. Just me, AGAIN. Don’t these people treasure tradition ?

The business district seemed bustling, the pubs less so. Douglas seems to come alive after dark.

I jumped off at GBG regular The Prospect, solely on account of needing the loo.

It’s the classy after-work place, with paintings of 19th century pub tickers on the walls.

Manx pubs are a model of consistency; generally a couple of beers from Okells and Bushys, so to see Old Speckled Hen, London Pride, Rev James and Camden Pale alongside the local Bitter seemed a bit superfluous, but the Okells is another cool, fruity gem (3.5).

Your soundtrack is a weird track that turns out to be Ed Sheeran, and Pulp Fiction.

It’s odd being in a country not dominated by the ’80s.

Now for the highlight of the day as I walk the pastel coloured streets,

towards Hot Wok for my salt and pepper chicken, the centrepoint of my 2018 trip.

What ! It’s closed on Tuesdays !

On an island where all the pubs are seemingly open, the Chinese takeaway is closed. Sort it out, Manx CAMRA.

Luckily, I stumbled across a brand new takeaway called Time Out Noodle Bar.

Pretty good, better than the stuff you get at Fleet Services, and I now read you can eat them in the nearby Quid’s Inn !

I ate Shey’s Salt & Pepper Chicken (NS&PCSS 3.5) back in the Welbeck, where I made evening plans.

A nice quiet evening walking along the promenade, contemplating life, no doubt.

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