Andreas treated me to the joys of Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me”, a sure sign Mann is entering the 1990s.

I’m happy if it stays there with its £3 pints and cheery bus drivers.

I’d been contemplating the walk back to Ramsey with no buses till schools ended,

but then by chance re-reading the timetable discovered that Bus Vannin operated an on-demand (request) service for isolated northern villages.

All you had to do was download an App call MANNgo and stick in where you are and where you wanted to go and a small bus would come and pick you and anyone else on the route up.

Your private taxi, and all within the £7 Day Saver !

As it was, the request bus came out JUST FOR ME ! Which shows how important tickers are to the Manx economy.

An hour later I was back in Douglas, checking in to the Welbeck (the ONLY hotel free on which you’ll remember as the place that Pubmeister and Maltmesister and I shared a third of Okells in 2018 (pre-Covid) to get a pre-emptive.

Three ticks needed in the south of Mann, but let’s get the Douglas newbie out the way first, via the grasshopper clock stolen from Cambridge.

Thirsty Pigeon sounds like a micro,

but feels like a City pub, with flashy spirits, and The Cure and genuinely unusual beers.

Kaneen’s Ruy, which I note down as “Ruby”, is cool and chewy (3+), and if the seating had been a bit more inviting I’d have loved it even more.

But let’s hit the coast, via the Fairy Bridge.


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