What did you do while Sheffield burned, Grandad *?”

Hey ! Isn’t 42 the answer to life and stuff ? It’s also at least 20 degrees too hot for pubbing so I shall be continuing to write this rubbish to upset Welsh linguists and beer enthusiasts alike.

Now, there’s two (2) Spoons in my Last 100 pubs, in Wick and Pontypridd. I can’t wait for those.

Morriston’s Red Lion JDW was a joy. Who wouldn’t want to spend Sunday morning in an unprepossessing Swansea suburb taking photos of churches and trying to find somewhere to tip NBSS 2 beer ?

The Tabernacle Chapel is the centrepiece,

this is a mystery church,

and this is St. John (R.I.P.) for fans of churches on roundabouts. It’s make a good micropub.

Dylan Thomas said of Swansea “An ugly, lovely town … crawling, sprawling … by the side of a long and splendid curving shore. This sea-town was my world“. He had a BRAPA-like way with words.

I have him down as a Parsnip DIPA sour man rather than a Double Dragon fan (Dylan, not Simon). Some lovely scruffy pubs in Morriston and I mean that most sincerely.

Wiki lists loads of rugby players born here, but the most famous son is, of course, Gordon the Gingerbread Man, forever imprisoned above the tattoo parlour (one of eighteen) screaming to be released. Or eaten.

What else, apart from tanning salons and Chinese takeaways ?

Only this gem of an opening hours sign.

Sunday is special in non-conformist Wales.

The Spoons is dull.

Oddly, it’s some way out of town, which perhaps explains why it’s so quiet at 08:49.

One family discuss shipping issues at Sports Direct, and weird culinary tastes;

“Why can’t I have a NORMAL grandson who just likes fish and chips ?”.

On the other occupied table an older couple sip silently.

Oh, I say, look at that !“.

The family are thrilled to see their breakfast delivered by trolley, the Grandma has never been anywhere so posh. It’s probably levelling up.

I order my Miner’s Benedict (black pudding) but have to wait till 9:00 for the menu to offer me the beer I need for a tick.

09:00 becomes 09:01 and 09:02 and still no beer. Does Swansea have restrictive Sunday hours like the Scots and Irish ?

No, at 09:03 I get a choice of Abbot, Doom Bar, “Bale Ale” (nope) or Mumbles Triple Hop. Always go for a beer with Hop in the name. Actually, don’t, it’s slow-moving and tastes of diacetyl.

But the Miner’s Benedict is an NMBSS 3.5, so that’s OK.

*Hurry up.


  1. I’m surprised at the stained glass window in a venue Tim opened only eleven years ago as I though he gave up on such finery about twenty years ago.

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