One for the cultured among you, which I guess narrows it downs to (checks recent comments) Bill. I miss the Welsh bloke who used to correct my pronunciations of his towns.

I really struggled in Laugharne (“Laugh, Arnie” ?). Wiki says;

Laugharne Township electoral ward also includes the communities of EglwyscumminPendine and Llanddowro“.

This is (probably) the town of Llareggub in Dylan Thomas’s “Under Milk Wood“, a 1950s rock opera.

Llareggub is an acronym of “no tasters offered” in Welsh. Laugharne is a gorgeous little coastal town that gets the visitors that Llangennock, a mile away by crow (the best way to get there) deserves.

How had I avoided this place for 57 years ? It’s gorgeous. If Tenby is the Welsh Southwold (it isn’t) then Laugharne is its Aldeburgh, all genteel and literary and expensive*.

Very expensive. They wanted £30 to park the campervan by the castle, so we moved on.

But not before a tick at the longstanding GBG New Three Mariners.

The OLD Three Mariners, a micropub under construction, is opposite.

You might be expecting something twee and foody from a famous old pub, but the N3M is surprisingly earthy, like a Welsh Social Club with TV permanently set to something no-one is watching.

It might be the film adaption of “Under Milk Wood” for all I know.

I pick the ubiquitous Gower Gold; OK but the weakest of a great week for beer in West Wales. The two Old Boys are drinking Courage Directors and discussing the enduring appeal of “Sweet Caroline” as a karaoke standard. Sadly, they don’t sing it for me.

The Warblebrebe in the Gents would have done, I bet.

*But what is the Welsh Kessingland ?

7 thoughts on “LLAREGGUB

    1. Scott,
      As often as not Directors is on, and drinking well, in the Metropolitan Bar a ten minute walk from me and not to be confused with Tim’s Marylebone venue.

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  1. I don’t think you could struggle with the pronunciation of Laugharne in Welsh, as that’s the English name for the town. Its Welsh name is Talacharn, which looks eminently pronounceable. Wiki also confirms your Llareggub equivalence speculation. (Almost 34% of my Google searches are prompted by your blog posts, so I suppose I should be grateful to you.)

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