August 8th, 2027. Make a note of that date. That’s the day I’ll finally finish these posts from West Wales, a trip that’s now 3 weeks old.

It was a great trip. Not just the ticks but a through exploration of hitherto unexplored pockets of coast not far from Dylan Thomas Land.

Llansteffan (pop. 941) by the River Tewi is deserted when we arrive at noon; they clearly gave the villagers early warning.

Even the GBG target the Castle attempts to hide behind the larger Inn At The Sticks, sending the GBG map into meltdown.

Reassuringly, it’s the Castle that has the mobility scooter outside,

and a bloke drinking Doom Bar at the bar.

Well, probably not Doom Bar, and I had the quaintly named “Cwrw”, which means “Not Doom Bar”. See ! I can resist the amber nectar.

The beer was cool and rich (3.5), the Guvnor friendly, the conversation easy and interesting. Trade variable but up, the village buoyant at weekends, we learnt.

Apparently the bloke on the Go Compare ad who looks like an opera singer lives here and that draws in the crowd. Odd that; BRAPA lives in York and no-one goes there.

But as we walked the verdant hills to the ruined castle (free entry) it all made sense.

And the empty beaches. Blimey.

Yet folk zoom past on their way to Tenby, me included. Wales has treasures like this at every turn.


  1. Your mentioning Dylan Thomas reminds me of the day that I went down to the sea in those parts, and even though it was a bright and breezy day, it was indeed “… the sloe black, crow black sea…”

    Pretty forbidding it looked, I have to say.

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