In the ’90s we made annual trips to Cardiff (top Balti) and beyond (less great curry) and fell a bit in love with Brain’s Bitter and Felinfoel Double Dragon.

Felinfoel seems to have a reputation on a par with Arkells or Palmers these days, and having gone largely keg the GBG has little to do with them. But they run a decent estate of old-fashioned hotels in Carmarthen.

Having finished the two (2) local ticks and the craft pre-emptives by 18:30 I contemplated a trip to Llanelli to find out how you pronounce it (“it”),

but on the bridge leading to the station I had a change of heart.

My readers will want to see Carmarthen’s statues,

its style bars,

its graffiti.

Cheers, Lily.

Back at the Boar’s Head I risked a half in the hotel bar. When it gets in GBG26 I’ll know it was a wise decision, but won’t care.

The Boar’s Head has lots of historic features, but they’re rather pointless when the only customers are two ladies drinking Fosters and discussing upcoming cruising (in a Jane McDonald way).

One of them hits her elbow on the way back from the Ladies.

“You should sue them” says her mate, and I’m not sure she’s joking.

There’s three handpumps, which is four (4) too many.

Coincidentally, I reckon the Double Dragon is served about 4 degrees too cold. If I’d brought a blowtorch with me I could have restored it to life.

The hotel itself is old-fashioned, and folk who like old-fashioned will love it. Our actual boar had little to offer by way of comment.

7 thoughts on “FELINFOUL ?

  1. Back in the late 70’s – early 80’s, Felinfoel Double Dragon was the Holy Grail amongst beers. I’m not sure what went wrong, or why its reputation amongst beer lovers, sank the way it did

    I can’t really comment on Arkells or Palmers, as it’s such a long time since I had a pint of either, but it does appear that some of these long-established family brewers are being left behind. Perhaps one, or both of the Mudges could shed some light on these brewers and their beers.

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    1. T’other Paul.
      I’ve been well pleased with Palmers on family holidays in Dorset, certainly don’t mind Arkells but have never taken to Felinfoel with thinking it tastes metallic.
      Double Dragon was though the favourite beer of my wife’s old school friend Gill who died last year.


  2. Back in 1981 I went to stay with a mate in Hove and found a pub that had Double Dragon. It was wonderful. Four or five years ago Mrs B and I had a short break in the Gower and went to a couple of Felinfoel pubs. The DD was horrible.
    I’ve always found Palmer’s to be OK, if unremarkable. Never liked Arkell’s though.


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