A night in Carmarthen and with two (2) ticks in the bag by 18:00 I was at a loss what to do ? A train trip to Llanelli ? A curry with cress ? A tour of the Bethel chapels ?

How about a pre-emptive tick of the town’s craft bar ?

Shamefully, I once thought that “Cwrw” was a beer name, but I now realise it’s Welsh for “A taster of the Brew Dog, please“.

What Pub insists this place serves real ale and above you can see the real ales served under the cunning Key Keg system that ensures they reach you cooler than the iceberg that sunk the Titanic but fizzier.

I’m no purist. I picked the one with the biggest name that said “The Best Beer In Wales“, and the DDH NEIPA (?) was indeed pretty tasty murk.

Lovely colourful place, too,

and an eclectic soundtrack popular on BBC 6 Music. Two children sang along to “New Shoes” and “Sex on Fire” and I loved the fact Dads brought their daughters in to learn about pub life.

Quite what Emily and Jonathan would make of Crass I can only guess, but P***s Envy had some hummable stuff on it.

Anyway, an essential stop on your craft beer journey into Dyfed and beyond, and if you forget to visit the Gents you’ll regret it.

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