I like Carmarthen, and I bet BRAPA will, too. A real place, with Karaoke all day, cheap beer and potential.

Go on, lease the Queens, someone. It was in the GBG last time I was here, and could be again with Doom Bar and a mobility scooter outside.

My second GBG tick (yes, two newbies) is another little corker.

A busy locals’ pub with a warm and friendly atmosphere” says What Pub of the Stag & Pheasant, and it’s true that the three locals don’t glare at me as I become the only customer not on pints.

Not really a place to take photos, surreptitious or otherwise (see also : Boothstown), but you’ll get the idea from this.

At the bar the nice lady asked me “Are you one of them CAMRA ?”, sussing me on account of my Oliver Reed T-shirt I guess, and I said “NO, and thrice NO”, therefore missing out on a 5p discount. It was only £1.70 a half, anyway.

I only take the CAMRA discount in Spoons as I don’t want to pay less than the locals do.

For the third time that day the Gower Gold (the Welsh Ghost Ship) is a tasty NBSS 3+, and suddenly I’m seeing less pumps/better quality again.

A 10 minute half, just enough to enjoy a soundtrack totally out of kilter with the pub’s clientele;


    1. I though “Cock, Cwrw, Carmarthen – oh come on” was the title of one of Martin’s blogs, but I can’t find it in the archive.

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      1. Line from Goodbye to Berlin by Christopher Isherwood. The musical Cabaret was based on it. Tried to post the link to Wiki but it didn’t work.

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