I’ve found my notes from West Wales. Sadly they’re not that exciting, though there is some Shania Twain, which may appeal to some of my more mature audience.

Our stop for the night had two (2) ticks. By the time you get to 94% of the Guide any town with a double tick is riches indeed.

Last time in Carmarthen in 2016 I’d managed three ticks, and found an oddity of a place.

Grand but shabby coaching inns with Felinfoel livery.

glorious chapels,

and a grim shopping centre which somehow provided Mrs RM with all she needed the next morning.

Luckily, at 57 all I need is ticks, starting with the Coracle Tavern.

There was a plainness about this town centre place I loved. Take time to admire my shadow.

I enter to the sounds of Hits of the ’90s;

Actually, Shania, the Coracle impressed me greatly.

Clean (I have basic standards), relatively friendly, cheap. Just a quirky Welsh boozer of the sort you’d find and slag off in Andover.

Another contender for beer of the trip, with the lone Gower Gold (the Welsh Ghost Ship) a cool and tasty NBSS 3.5.

Of course, some will take offence at the scatter cushions, or the pictures of London,

but those folk will never understand the need for scatter cushions to soften the feel of a town centre boozer. Or something.

Time to wander down some scary alleys.


  1. I stayed at the Boar’s Head in 2015. Has an interesting unspoilt interior with plenty of dark wood, but no cask beer. Carmarthen is another town with a confusing layout.

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    1. Yes it’s very odd. I like rambling layouts though.

      Felinfoel seemed to have dropped cask from a lot of their houses in 2016. The Boar’s Head had reintroduced it by the time we visited last month, though I wish they hadn’t !


    2. T’other Mudgie,
      The terminus might have been “a confusing layout” for Michael Portillo as he asked the guard if that county town railway station was a request stop.


      1. I do like an occasional Shania Twain. And I do mean occasional.(Sprightly, what sarcasm!)


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