Day 3 of the Channel Island Circuit.

Jersey ticked. Alderney ticked. Guernsey and Sark to go (and possibly Herm to be safe) in the next 2 days.

We caught the bus from Guernsey Airport into St Peter Port (a flat £1.25 for any ride, anywhere), and Mrs RM decided she wanted to sleep. SLEEP ! Plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead.

I let her catch the bus up to St Pierre hotel, and hit the town.

St Peter Port is a lovely town. You can necessarily see it from Google 3D (above), but it’s properly hilly,

a much quirkier place than St Helier. More Hastings Old Town than Bexhill, and I’m not sure I’d realised that before.

It also seemed rather smarter and more modern than its neighbour,

The port at St Helier looks more modern, with high rise flats leading to the ferry, but I saw far more evidence of the financial services industry in St Peter Port, and rather smarter restaurants, along the Esplanade.

And a genuine gastropub.

The Slaughterhouse reminds me of those upmarket Brewhouse & Kitchens in Cheltenham and Gloucester, or less charitably the Spoons at Stansted Airport.

A CAMRA award winner for conversion from its former use as a depository for confiscated Life Membership cards, it now offers such delights as “Cauliflower Burnt Ends, Pomegranate & sesame sweet chilli sauce (ve) £7.5“, as well as televised sport (it’s Gaelic football, Nadine), chilled toons,

and rare beers. Actually the first Randalls I’d seen in decades. Shame it was so average (2.5).

I really, REALLY, hate those glasses. But the Slaughterhouse is a tremendous success, the courtyard looking like Fleet Street at 7pm on a Friday, full of smart people with wine in buckets.

I lasted 3 minutes, then headed for Market Street. Much quieter here, with pubs called Cock and Bull and Golden Lion.

Let’s go in one of those, next.


  1. We visited Guernsey when we were on a mini cruise (a tester to see if we liked cruising -we didn’t ) in a bid to get away from the cruise masses ,we jumped on a ferry to Herm -I would like to have had a look at St Peterport

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    1. Good choice.

      A lot of people say they don’t like cruising; for us it was the best way to reach faraway destinations in the Caribbean and eastern Europe and the boys loved waking up in a new country each morning. Never did the entertainment and dining with the captain stuff.

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  2. RM! RM! I’m in the Kiln Bar in Scalloway AND THEY’VE GOT CASK! Lerwick Azure IPA and not half bad (NBSS 3) if a tad warm and the barmaid had to be shown how to pour it, being unfamiliar with the exotic concept of real ale. But cask! In Shetland! I’m so happy!

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      1. Don’t blame you, you’re on a mission. Given the lack of real ale in the North of Scotland however, it’ll be a cert for the next GBG if they keep it on.

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  3. I agree with Martin’s assessment, that cruising is a great way of seeing places that are other difficult to reach. In our case it was Norway and its stunning fjords, and waking up in a new location each morning is priceless.
    I accept that it’s not for anyone, and after doing just one posh evening dinner, we didn’t do any more. This was down to the people we were placed with, and in a way was a pity, as the food was superb.
    As for dining with the captain, why on earth would you want to do that? I don’t think any passengers even saw him on our recent cruise, let alone enjoyed a meal with him, and these dinners must be purgatory for the poor fellow. Imagine being asked the same questions every time!

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      1. I’ve corrected the typos, Paul. I have tremendous power as blog owner, and the temptation to add a line that the highlight of your trip was finding Doom Bar on gravity is strong.


    1. My thoughts entirely. Paul. Many people do like the dressing up, the formality, the wine waiter, the photos. I just viewed the cruise as a mode of transport with good views. The Italian food on msc cruises was good though.


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