Your short highlights package from last month.

I ended the blog in May, telling you about pub cleaners in Pumpsaint persuaded to pour me a pint at the start of the month, and here I am at the end of June STILL writing about last month.

But what a month June was.

114 different pubs, including eighty-three (83) Good Beer Guide ticks. A record just pipping the 80 in December 2019.

June was the month I got to grips with east Scotland, completing the Borders, the Lothians, Kingdom of Fife and Aberdeenshire. And in north and mid Wales and Kent and the Isle of Man, and it’s a bumper month. Mrs RM was less impressed, and stayed at home.

So you’ve got those posts to come, but rest assured the Pub of the Month is an old favourite,

and the Beer of the Month, modelled by our glamorous assistant, come from an unexpected source.

To top it all, I managed a free ticket for the 5th day of a certain test match,

The six from Stokes nearly killed me, and my GBG charge.


Another big month in which I’ll be targeting the South-West before the MumsNet hordes arrive when schools break up. Summer holidays have started in Scotland, so that should mean that some ferries to Skye and Arran operate. Let’s hope the pubs are open, eh ?

5 thoughts on “JUNE 2022 STOCKTAKE + JULY PREVIEW

      1. So, the first to see listing by region rather than listing by county ?
        Fewer but bigger areas to colour pink.

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