Our week in Malta started with a 2 days deluge, and I did wonder if the pre-flight Spoons session was going to be the highlight.

It’s not just the peculiar thrill of a pint at 7am, you can drink from 9am anywhere.  Stansted’s Windmill is a joy in its own right. No less a toper than Mrs RM thinks so, and she’s in there every Sunday night before her trips to Edinburgh.

Your last great pub before you go

I must have been here a dozen times since the refurb, which would put it comfortably in my Top 10 most visited pubs.

I’m escaping the 6 Nations – hoorah !

OK, it’s not the Boar’s Head, but it’s got a bit of character now, and looks a lot better than the average North London open plan gastro pub.


As the only remotely pubby place at Stansted, it tends to get a better boozer/diner mix than the average Spoons; you and the flight attendants can judge whether that’s a good thing or not.  Certainly you won’t see the Seven Dwarfs Stag Party in Leon or Jamie’s.

Grow up lads

1hr 23 minutes is enough to charge your phone, fill up on chicken wings, and wonder why you got to Stansted quite so early.

Initially the Windmill had some craft pretensions, but seems to have settled down into an average small town Spoons lookalike.


Only Adnams Dry Hopped Lager remains for the crafties, with Punk IPA long condemned to bottles, much to Mrs RM’s bitter disappointment.

But her Ghost Ship was very good, more surprisingly so was my Vale Porter, both cool and beautifully presented (NBSS 3.5).  So they should be with that turnover.

Black Beauty

Guest beers picked, we then had free range to use the App for a succession of unnecessary calorific purchases, including a seismic salted caramel cheesecake.


It’s not cheap.  The Six Point was more than double the price of a can in Preston, but let’s pretend it’s an early Valentine Day present for Mrs RM, who was very quiet on the flight (though that’s because Ryanair split you up deliberately and she was 12 rows behind me).

Is Sixpoint craft ?

On beer quality grounds, it would get in the GBG in Potter’s Bar or Penwortham, but possibly not Cambridge or Stockport.

If Ryanair sold tickets for zero pence that gave you access to Airside without payment, could it get in the Guide. Probably not, they don’t accept my vouchers.







  1. The ‘spoons in Liverpool airport did have a super range of Locales, in decent quality too. That was a couple of years ago though and I’m told it’s very ordinary now. I always rated the Heathrow Terminal 5 ‘spoons when I used to fly down regularly from Leeds, nothing special in terms of rage, but not bad and much cheaper than most airport outlets.

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      1. Edinburgh (airside) used to be good, downhill the last couple of years. Landside always a bit naff.
        Enjoy while you can, Aberdeen one just got sold off and 3 of the handpumps disappeared overnight along with the corresponding price increase.

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      2. No, it was just at the entrance to the terminal. Think it might be in the current guide. Would have thought it was profitable, always seemed busy.
        Heard that the ones in NI that got sold were profitable, just not profitable enough.


  2. The Windmill is the oasis at the end of a long trudge around the retail tunnel that Stansted has now become.
    That and dirt-cheap(even for them) Ryanair flights are the only reasons I ever use the airport.
    It’s a dreadful kip of a place.
    Grenada in the Caribbean is my favourite airport airport – there’s a beach bar and restaurant less than 10 minutes walk from the terminal.You can still be on your first course watching your plane come into land and still have time for the jerk chicken and several rum and ginger beers before heading for check-in.

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  3. ” Stansted’s Windmill is a joy in its own right.”

    I almost wish I still lived in Edmonton and flew a lot just for the Belgian bar on the other side of security.

    “including a seismic salted caramel cheesecake.”

    My wife makes wickedly good cheesecake. Luckily for me I don’t find it goes well with the beer I like. 😉

    “though that’s because Ryanair split you up deliberately and she was 12 rows behind me).”

    I’m a bit surprised she didn’t give someone a good talking to over that. 😱


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