“Please Do NOT Ask For Tasters (or Bass)” – HOW TO SURVIVE BITTLES BAR

One last push to “do” Belfast before the ferry back to Scouseland that evening.

From McHugh’s we walked to the top of shiny Victoria Square shopping centre for the best views of Primark,

then enjoyed an emotional reunion with Mrs RM and Emma who jumped off the tourist bus at Tim Horton, making our coffee and cake choice for us.

The receipt is actually longer than an average retiredmartin blog post.

There was little enthusiasm for my plan to walk quickly through all the streets of central Belfast, admiring the upper architecture,

so we headed for the Metropolitan Arts Centre which, rather like Dundee, is more about the building than the exhibits themselves.

No what ?

A last pub, drawn kicking and screaming from the CAMRA GBG listing you get of ALL real ale pubs. Bittles is the only apparent source of real ale that ISN’T in the Guide.

There’s only five in central Belfast, and McHughs was cask-less, which leaves a Spoons, a Nicholsons and the wonderful Sunflower with its floppy and apologetic pump clip to fly the flag (like Scooch).

For Bittles, despite being a wonderful wedgie,

no longer sells Bass. Or Doom Bar. Or Landlord.

But it’s a must on your trip, even if you will be met at the door and shown directly to a table and asked what you want when you can’t see the bar. Do as you’re told; it’s a wonderful pub.

I think there was some crafty keg (Beavertown and Punk, since you ask), but veer from Guinness at your peril. And “Please do NOT ask for tasters“, as the sign says.

It was Ian Paisley’s favourite pub, possibly, and the political art is your reason for being here now the Bass and the GBG entry are gone. Oh, and a soundtrack of Orange Juice, Boney M and The Jam.

That’s Entertainment, as the kids say.

What my kids would have said about attempting to wrestle the now redundant Bass sign off the exterior wall to take home is anyone’s guess.

4 thoughts on ““Please Do NOT Ask For Tasters (or Bass)” – HOW TO SURVIVE BITTLES BAR

    1. Yes it would be one of five or six pubs I could actually name as GBG regulars, along with the Crown, McHughs, the Spoons and Errigle (the John Hewitt must have dropped out around the same time).


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