Last Belfast post, as I leave Mrs RM and crew in Bittles to walk the Falls Road,

stopping only to admire the Jaffe fountain,

and the Well Kept Building of 1986.

You’re supposed to do Falls and Shanklin Roads, Mrs RM and Emma did them earlier on the bus and Quinno did the taxi.

But I NEVER use taxis, as you know.

Though as a bloke approached me with fists raised at the underpass on Grosvernor Road I suddenly reappraised my decision. A smile, a punch of gloves, “cheers mate”, I moved on.

But I chickened out of the Fort Bar just off the Falls Road (another Quinno tip).

Not because of of any concerns, I was just Guinness-ed out by now.

Anyhow, here’s your murals.

A lack of pissoirs along the Falls Road hastened my return to town, where after a last dash along the lanes,

I did my first ever trip to Yo Sushi, better than I thought. Proper Belfast. One of our party took a dish off the conveyor belt that wasn’t ours here, and it wasn’t me. It was one of these two;

Oh, one last thing. These are the Hygge seats on the overnight ferry. They are IMPOSSIBLE to sleep in.

Unless you’re me.

Cheers Belfast, you were great.

2 thoughts on “MURALS

  1. I’ve also done the bus tour – one of the strangest tourist things I’ve ever done. Germans and Americans pilling off to take pics of the IRA memorial felt very odd, I have to say.

    But it was interesting: you realised how localised, even in Belfast, the Troubles were.

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