Saturday 14th May 2022. The day England won Eurovision, the day we visited the Crown.
I didn’t subject Matt and Emma to too much pubbery on our Belfast trip, but I wanted them to see the majesty of its drinking booths and see if they could get the bell-pushes to work.

They couldn’t work out how to get up early on Saturday morning after a night out on Bangor, though, so Mrs RM and I headed out to Great Victoria Street with a plan to queue at the door for 11am opening and nab a booth.

No-one else ? Oh, well take some pics.

A few German tourists arrived, “Not open ?, but it says here it is !”. Tell me about it mate.

Then we both looked on Facebook and 11:00 had become 11:30. Blooming micros.

We went for a coffee.

Not the Grand Cafe ! Or the trendy Harlem Cafe with huge beardy queue. No, the Spoons.

Where a group of Sam Ryder lookalikes were starting 13 hours of drinking.

Back at the Crown at 11:30 there was no sign of life, and our overseas visitors (hey, that’s us as well !) were staring intently at their guide books (not THE Guide).

The wife (not Mrs RM) was dispatched to the rear entrance to see if they were opening that one secretly for regulars. Nope.

11:32. Definitely closed. What to do ?


  1. Read a story about the Crown once. Apparently it was originally owned by a couple, the husband was a Nationalist but the wife was a Loyalist who insisted on the name. So the husband had an elaborate mosaic of a crown placed just inside the door where everyone would have to walk all over it. Deserves to be true even if it isn’t.

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