In an unexpected turn of events, I take Mrs RM’s advice.

11:35. No sign of movement in the Crown. The gaggle of foreign tourists seemed to be blaming me, who’d been waiting outside the historic entrance for 28 minutes already.

Let’s go in the pub next door while we’re waiting for the pub” said Mrs RM.

Robinsons Bar, also known by the more traditional Fibber Magee if you enter by the rear, was visited by Mrs RM on her solo (edited) world tour of 2021, and she was keen I see it now.

Note the bookmakers dividing these two classic pubs facing the Europa Hotel.

Well, Mrs RM (seen below looking smug no doubt) was right, again.

A rambling gem with Diana Ross singing “Upside Down” and the sort of seating you’d never leave if there wasn’t an even better pub nearby (or is it ?).

More prove of the death of Bass in Belfast, but is that Tennents I spy ?

Frankly if they’d had cask Bass on I’d still have gone for a Guinness (£5.70 !), since I was the sixth person in a row to order it.

You can smell the iron in that pint if you bring the photo to your nose.

A quick “comfort break”,

and I decided to re-join the queue for the Crown at 11:45. Surely only fifteen minutes to wait now ?

6 thoughts on “In an unexpected turn of events, I take Mrs RM’s advice.

    1. (SPOILER : I do get in). I’m just deciding how I deal with 20 useable photos, Dave. Too many for one post, but I might add a link to my Instagram account so you can see them. It’s a very photogenic place.


  1. I wish Mrs B gave good advice like that. She just nags me to do gardening and go to the doctor with my gammy leg (which I don’t like to talk about)

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