Nearly forgot, I did have a beer in Bangor (N.I.).

It’ll never grace the GBG (or even What Pub, oddly), as the Jenny Watts once did,

but the Rabbit Rooms is one of a host of inviting little places where you can here fiddly music, eat Strangford Lough mussels and drink Guinness £2 cheaper than in Dublin.

OK, it’s no Crown Liquor Saloon,

but the beer range is very typical of Norn Iron. Matt had gone for the Rockshore, blissfully unaware that it was another Guinness attempt to strangle the market.

See ! NO keg Bass.

No Punk IPA. I saw more Brew Dog in Malaga than Belfast.

Put while peering over the bar to see if there was a hidden cask pump, I DID notice a local bottle, apologetically stuck behind the Koppaberg.

The Hilden Blonde wasn’t bad. I never actually saw any Hilden on cask, and can’t imagine there’s much of a market, but I was at least drinking Locale and that’s all CAMRA care about. Stick it in the Guide; it’s probably Key Keg in a Bottle.

Emma was drinking cocktails out of a teapot, as that’s what young people do, whether in Ancoats or Ards.

I stayed long enough to agree the next day’s arduous plan, and left them to find enough material for a guest post on my blog.

Then I went for an ice cream. Rich and creamy; they have good cows here.

Oh, here’s a cowboy…

….which reminds me, , don’t forget to read Simon’s cowboy and cheese blog (here).

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