I have to add (N.I.) to any posts about Bangor (N.I.) or Patrick from Bangor (N.Wales) will wonder why I didn’t visit his wonderful pub.

This Bangor is Belfast’s seaside town, the Margate of the west, with its street art, kiddie “funpark”, urgent warnings to repent, and micropubs.

OK, not micros (yet), but lots of fun for children of all ages, and a recent recreation of the Joker Steps.

Some high quality street art greets you near the front. It’s an unpretentious artiness, with an energy you won’t find outside Belfast till you get to Derry.

I like the simplicity of this piece;

But it’s Mr John Lydon who dominates the walls.

I recognise that lyric;

Matt and Emma had gone off into town for tea, clearly unimpressed with our offer of crisps and cake. I doubt they’ve heard of P.I.L., or Thin Lizzy, who apparently took the boat into Bangor in 1974,

a feat which 5 years later inspired a Fiddler’s Dram Christmas hit.

And here’s the photographic proof (of something).

7 thoughts on “BANGOR (N.I.) IS AN ENERGY

    1. T’other Mudgie,
      There’s more than a few versions of that song though not for repeating on a respectable site such as this.


  1. There is of course a fabulously coarse pun to be had with Bangor, but good to see family blogging values won out again. Good content for the uncensored ‘directors cut’ version of the blog, ‘Re-tyred Martin’

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