We’re camping in Snowdonia with no WiFi, so a tiny post today.

Worse still, I’ve run out of Duran Duran puns.  In 1979 that Fiddlers Dram single was one of the first ones I bought as a 14 year old punk, along with “Nuclear Device“.

50 p entrance – no way

A less obvious place for a day trip I can’t imagine, unless like me you enjoy holidays in run-down university towns with steep hills.

The Bangor highlights were the views over the Menai Straits from the pier, and the nostalgia of an authentic Tap’ n’ Spile survivor that rather divided opinion in our household. It’s probable the pub is unchanged since that original visit by the “Dram”, as I like to call them.

Surprisingly, Mrs RM rather took to the Bass that I felt a touch warm (NBSS 2.5). It was the best of a beer range rather less exciting than the ceiling full of pump clips promised.

Not as good as it looks, but it looked great

I didn’t expect a cheerful landlord, the Leeds United penant was a giveaway, but he was pleasant and efficient. The mixed crowd were enjoying some authentic pub grub (mixed grill for £7 was worth twice that), with none of the usual condiment dramas of posh holidaymaker Wales.

QUIZ TIME – Name one other Tap’n’Spile survivor

The pub itself is classic ’90s Tap & Spile, a bit overdone but quite cosy and bare boards.  I think the character will be completely different in a month when the students return. I suspect the Od Rosie gets a bit of a hammering then.


  1. I think there is still one off Broad Street in Birmingham, although I’m not sure if it was part of the original chain.


  2. The song was reputedly about Rhyl, but Bangor scanned better. I suspect nowadays Rhyl is rather less appealing than Bangor.


  3. As far as I am aware, the Tap n Spile at Lincoln survives, go up the hill from the railway station and turn left at the O’ Neil’s (or whatever it is these days) in the fork of the road. It was one of the better pubs in the city at one stage, certainly if you didn’t have time to climb all the way up to the Queen Vic. Good cheesemongers opposite too.

    50p to walk on a pier is a disgrace, an outrage and a travesty.

    Good luck to Cambridge in the forthcoming season, my Mother has just predicted you to win the division.


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