The big question, of course, is does Giants have an apostrophe ? I tend to think of plural Giants.

Mrs RM was definitely going to drag Matt and Emma to the Causeway, even if they would have preferred to laze on Bangor beach drinking cocktails and contemplating how Dublin can be so expensive.

It was expensive (c.£50 for 4) to visit the Causeway, too, though if we’d dumped our passengers at the approach rather than bringing them into the car park they could have walked in free.

Never mind. It took the National Trust years to bring all those columns over from Cairnryan on the ferry, I guess.

Their charges certainly aren’t justified by the Visitor Centre, aimed squarely at toddlers. I loved it, especially the brass rubbing.

The Causeway itself seems to exist entirely for the purpose of Instagram selfies.

Mudgie said last night there’s a sense of “Is that IT ?” about the stones. I guess it’s something you have to experience clambering rocks rather than view, and of course Mudgie is rather spoilt by Stockport’s world heritage Viaducts and Vaults.

We were slightly bemused by the queues for the Dark Hedges, another Game of Thrones location.

Walk a few yards round the corner past the Japanese tourist and you have a perfect wee spot. That’s NOT in the Guide book.

13 thoughts on “ON THE GIANTS CAUSEWAY

  1. If multiple giants and it is their causeway, there is an apostrophe. Giants’ Causeway. If only one Giant, Giant’s Causeway. The other options just confuse me.

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      1. Haven’t you heard of the High Deeds of Finn MacCool? If his deeds were high, you’ve got to wonder whether he was one of those giants. But yes, if the causeway was *for* the giants it would be Giants Causeway, but if Finn MacCool’s High Deeds confirmed ownership then it would be his causeway, I guess. So still no apostrophe.

        Where are the hand pumps? £50 to go in and there’s no real ale?


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