Lovely piece by Steve of reflecting on London, and change.

Wait until next year

Tired of London. Not necessarily tired of life, as the old maxim goes, but that’s a story for another time.

Tired of London, but not a Leaving of London, where someone pens a farewell to their city, I’m not going anywhere yet. This is just a tiredness of a particular concept of “London”, of “Going Up Town” or “Going Up West”, depending on where you come in from. A realisation that London, or “London”, has not done anything wrong, more that I am one in a long line of people who reach a certain age and decide London is not what it once was.

London is not what it once was, but perhaps it never really was. We all reach London too late. It was always so much better just before we arrive. There is always enough there to beguile you, entice you, ensnare you, but there is also…

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