Friday was designated “Antrim Coast”, the day we did the Giant’s Causeway, the Game of Thrones sites (no idea why) and (by luck) my last Northern Ireland tick.

180 miles, and all of them on far better roads than we have in England, an absolute joy. Shame about the drizzle.

A notable absence of coffee shops and pubs, so I parked up here,

and made my own coffees..

The sign said Glenarm was one of the most beautiful villages in Ireland, and perhaps it is , but I only had eyes for the Coast Road Inn.

It’s so good that someone has made a model of it.

Sadly, the Bass sign is a lie.

But you’re used to that.

I don’t believe Game of Thrones is a true story, either, but I’ve never seen it so I can’t be sure. Ballintoy Harbour is where two of the main protagonists in GOT (as the kids call it) had a fight over short measure and crown mark on a pint glass in Series 3.

And if you look closely you can see the micropub where Denys (check sp) is introduced to the joys of Key Keg in Series 17.

Or at least that’s what I told the Japanese tourists.


    1. I didn’t actually see any keg Bass in the 20 pubs I visited, now I think about it, in fact I can’t really recall what keg bitters were on. Smithwicks isn’t really a bitter, is it ? Plenty of different lagers, even if they were all brewed by Guinness (e.g. Rockshore).


      1. Smithwick’s generically is a “bitter” in the sense that Watney’s Red was. Keg Bass was pretty ubiquitous 15 years ago. I particularly recall it in Robinson’s and the National Inventory pub in Bushmills (which I didn’t know was on the NI at the time, and just thought it was an odd little place).

        Incidentally, I would file the Giant’s Causeway alongside the Mappa Mundi in Hereford Cathedral in the category of “is that it?” tourist attractions.


      2. One of the most disappointing tourist attractions has to be the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. Walked miles to see it, only to find it’s roughly the size of a domestic cat.


      3. For “disappointing tourist attractions” I would nominate Blackpool.
        “Disappointing”, not “Godawful”.

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      4. Etu,
        Mention of Jeremy Clarkson and of Australia makes me think that Blackpool and its residents are really quite nice.

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  1. I seem to recall that alongside the mighty ‘Cookstown Sizzler’, and ‘Harp – Stays Sharp to the Bottom of the Glass’, it was all ‘Great Stuff This Bass’ back in the 70’s/80’s. Sadly Northern Ireland (almost) caught up with the rest of the UK shortly after and joined the race away from Bass. It’ll be back, probably next year if Ian O’Thurman pulls his finger out…


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