Back in the ’90s my boss asked me my favourite part of the world and I said “Powys“, which he misheard as “Paris” and took him aback as he assumed I was a Francophobe. If I’d used the GBG-approved “Mid Wales” I’d have annoyed Mudgie. You can’t win.

Anyway, I still love Powys, and the journey from Towy Bridge

past the Wells towns and up towards the Vale of Montgomery is wonderous.

Mrs RM love Welsh baby lambs. Here’s one we prepared earlier.

Shamefully I didn’t make Mrs RM stop in Newtown for a pint in the Railway, instead heading along the A489 for an overdue tick in the Kerry Lamb.

The view from the garden is stunning,

the pub itself is workmanlike.

But also friendly, unfussy, and cheap. And if you can work out what the blackboard on the right hand side is showing you probably win a knock-off pack of lamb chops in the Drum.

Sadly my lost notes (the blogging equivalent of the 2008 Universal fire) include this pub, but I can tell you that the Butty Bach was a cool and tasty NBSS 3 and the soundtrack never wavered from 1985-89. Let’s assume it included “Black Velvet” by Alannah Miles which I believe is the unofficial anthem of Newtown.

10 thoughts on “THE LAMB OF KERRY

      1. Well, not a ‘Match Day’ Baa Baa obvs’, only genuine first team tickers get those. But as genuine a replica as they come, ie. not one of the shoddy bootleg mascots sold on market stalls in Skegness.


  1. This pub is my father-in-law’s local, and as I recall the blackboard lists the “pints in the pumps” – drinks bought for regulars by their friends when they’re not there.

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  2. I was in the Railway a couple of weeks back. It was only due to a delayed train. Christie served a very nice half and off I went back to Borth!


      1. I’m spent nearly eighty nights in Borth, a weeks holiday each year from the late 1950s to mid 1960s and the Youth Hostel occasionally from 1977 to 2019.

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