As we approach “Beery long read” day (I haven’t started yet), I give you yet another “Pubby short post“.  Nothing to match our favourite pubcrawler LadySinksTheBooze though.

Kirsty’s tour of duty amongst the keg joys of Runcorn came to mind as we approached the Rifle Drum, the high point of our Northampton crawl.

Rifle Drum – a classic

Back in May 2016 I said the Rifle Drum was the best pub I’d never been in, and I commend Pub Curmudgeon for ensuring we visited now.  He’s always game for a curveball visit to a keg emporium (see: Levenshulme).


“No pretensions to architectural merit” said Mudgie in his report, which is entirely fair.  The only draw of the Drum is its location, tucked down an alley off the market place (is there anywhere as basic off a market in England ?).

I’ll be honest. After the pizza’n’craft of the Alexandra and the square box politeness of St Giles, this was the return to reality I needed at the 3/4 stage.

What I didn’t need was a possible torrent of abuse, Offerton-style, for a series of individually ordered halves of Guinness, so I bought my PINT of Fosters and took a stool.


You don’t get pubs with this much “atmosphere” in Cambridge, I can tell you.  Or as many informal retail opportunities, as Richard reports here.


Proper Pub

I’d love to tell you that the highlights of the Drum was a citizen’s arrest by Mr Coldwell, an argument about CAMRA vouchers, or a murky pint of Cloudwater DIPA.

But I’d be lying.  Nothing happened. Our group of half drinkers and myself were largely ignored.

What is he doing ?

Neither as rough as it looks from the alley or an undiscovered gem, the highlight was the banter and 60s music that gave it the feel of a central Liverpool local like the Globe.

Pub life

I’m glad we popped in.  But the Fosters really was rubbish. I once won two pints of Fosters at a Mark Warner holiday camp on Corsica, “owning” a bloke who’d been on Weakest Link. A life highlight.  Fosters has gone backwards since then.

So we didn’t hang around. Mrs RM deduced it would get no better and headed back to the Langham to watch National Lottery Live or whatever is on Saturday nights.

Mick from Hartley Wintney contemplates NBSS score for the Drum








      1. Again, note the time. It’s before 8pm UK time. 🙂

        Plus, I was out of town all day yesterday and am running my wife’s lunch truck all day Wednesday and Thursday and then out of town all day Friday! (work, work, work) 😉


  1. A decent boozer by the looks of it, but the best you’ve ever been in? I suspect you had to many lagers. Lager does that, you know – take away all your rational sense.


  2. “so I bought my PINT of Fosters and took a stool.”

    There are days when I can’t tell whether you’re taking the piss or not. 😉

    “Or as many informal retail opportunities, as Richard reports here.”

    Bloody hell.

    “What is he doing ?”

    Well, considering the *cough* advanced technology of his phone, I’d say unlocking it with a complicated hand gesture (which is more advanced than simple facial recognition). 🙂

    “Pub life”

    That ‘gentleman’ in the white undershirt certainly captures that!

    “I once won two pints of Fosters at a Mark Warner holiday camp on Corsica,”

    I thought you were going to add that the runner up won three pints. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

      1. “I sense BRAPA would be jealous of this one, don’t you ?”

        Indeed. Though he certainly does have a way of finding them as well. 🙂


  3. If you want to know what “quality beer” tastes like, drink a pint of Fosters. Every pint is quality afterwards. How do the have the gall to produce and sell such muck?

    Liked by 1 person

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